My fanfiction list

So, I decided to make a list and sum up what I already wrote until now.

My list of fanfictions


1. Change My Life For Me (completed - 39 Chapters)
2. Remember when it rained (completed - 25 chapters)
3. Starlight (oneshot)
4. Guardian Angels (oneshot)
5. Midnight Journey (oneshot)
6. I Changed My Mind (oneshot)
7. Please, don't cry Hannah (oneshot)
8. Fuck me! (oneshot)
9. I let you go (oneshot)
10. Enough (drabble)
11. Strangers in the night (oneshot)
12. And all you have to do is cry (oneshot)
13. He knew it all (oneshot)
14. Anche se lontano, ti aspetterò (oneshot)
15. Afterglow


Addiction(complete - 10 chapters) 
2.  Dreamless Nights (oneshot) 
3.  Please remember (oneshot) 
4.  I guess, that's why they call it the blues (oneshot)
5. "At the end of the Day" - Sequel to "Addiction" (in production)


1.  Midsummer Rain (oneshot) 
2.  Refused (oneshot)
3.  Never had one (oneshot)
4.  Between the lines: Drunk (oneshot)
5.  Venus (oneshot)
6.  Hold me (drabble) 
7.  Between the lines: Spread your legs (oneshot)
8.  Magic of the moment (drabble)
9.  Imaginations (oneshot) 
10. A summernights Dream (oneshot)
11. Revenge (oneshot)


1. Just one night (oneshot)


1. Advantages

These fics, including a few others, can be found at marcias_mind!